People Power Demo 2.12


  • Feb 12th, 2022 (Saturday)
  • 2:00 PM
  • Shinjuku Central Park, Water Plaza.


Themes of the demo

One can bring placards which comply with these themes and coral chants below. (See the announcements on the rules and regulations of the demo)


  • “No" to the new normal
  • “No" to the water supply privatization
  • “No" to the worsening amendment to the constitution

【Coral chants】

  • We don’t obey the new normal
  • There is no scientific evidence in infectious diseases countermeasures
  • PCR test is a fraud
  • We don’t need vaccines for children
  • Corona is for great reset! It will only lead to worsening amendment to the constitution
  • The emergency clause is exactly what the Nazis have done
  • The aim of constitutional amendment is deprivation of liberty and rights of the citizens
  • “No“ to the water supply privatization
  • Don’t sell out water of life to the foreign capital
  • Miyagi governor is a traitor who sold water services right to the foreign capital with only one billion yen

For further information

For further information, please refer to Japanese page. For example, this English page omits introductions of our special guests for the demo.