World Wide Demonstration 4.0 Tokyo Sep 18th, 2021



The typhoon is approaching, but the event will go ahead as of now. Please check the official Twitter for the latest information.



Starting from Higashi-Ikebukuro central park at 3:30PM, ending at Hinodechou-Daini park around 4:10PM (rain or shine).

Please read the note. Also there’s a picnic after the demo (rainout).

To owners of Yukata(female), Jinbei(male)

If you have Yukata or Jinbei, please wear on the demo. Nikomikai-stuff will wear them for emphasizing to the world this is Japan unless it rains heavily.


  • Raincoats will be recommended in rain (buy one in 100 yen shop) when rain is expected. Umbrellas would bother other people.
  • Pictures and videos will be published. If you don’t want to show your face you should wear Sunglasses or hats etc to cover your face.
  • You can bring placards which comply with intent of the demo, also you can bring non-battery powered megaphones. Nikomikai can lend some placards. Bringing banner-flag is strictly forbidden.
  • Showing group names except Nikomikai with any sign is prohibited. Please participate the demo as an individual.
  • Do not hand out any flyer which is not approved by Nikomikai. If you want to hand out the flyer in the demo, please ask for permission from Nikomikai staff such as our representative Kii, Jimakudaio or MC Cats’ Matter.

This World Wide Demonstration is peaceful and apolitical.

  • Please follow the directions of police and Nikomikai. Especially the police are there to protect us. Intersections will be under traffic restrictions, so we should cross the intersection in a hurry.

Media reports should only be done under the following condition.

  • If you publish the pictures and videos of the demo, you must show “日本と子どもの未来を考える会" and “" on that report.
  • We strictly forbid interviews with demo participants.
  • We don’t allow the media to interview with any Nikomikai member without permission in advance. We reject interview with no legitimate reasons.

Main assertions of the demo

  • Say “NO" to the vaccine passport !
  • Stop the fraudulent PCR test !
  • No COVID vaccine to children!
  • Let college students go to the school !
  • Say “NO" to the new normal !
  • We don’t want mask-wearing society !

We claim also…

  • Mask don’t do you any good but harm.
  • No scientific evidence of Novel Coronavirus.
  • No scientific background of infectious disease control.
  • No scientific background for reduced business hours and voluntary closing of shops or restaurants.
  • Vaccine doesn’t do you any good but harm.
  • Even second time vaccination doesn’t prevent infection.

Live Stream

Demo will be on air at

After-Demo Picnic

We’ll have after-demo picnic at Minami-Ikebukuro park (rainout) around 4:30PM.

  • No PR activities in the park please. This is just a picnic for interaction with each other.
  • The park will be open until 8PM. There’s a restaurant in the park and some convenience stores around the park.
  • Nikomikai members will leave the park around 6PM.

Video clip from previous World Wide Demo 3.0 Tokyo Shinjuku (July 24th, 2021)

About Us

Nikomikai (日本と子どもの未来を考える会)has been established in Aug 2020. Since then we’re having rallies in various forms. Nikomikai already had World Wide Demonstration Tokyo 1.0(March 20th), 2.0(May 15th), 3.0(July 24th). This is the 4th time for us to participate in World Wide Demonstration.

Nikomikai doesn’t have any relationship with any religion, any political party or any other conflict of interest. Nikomikai is a pure citizen group and keeps saying “No to the new normal (which takes away the future of japan and smiles of children)".